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Wood processing technology requires vast knowledge and many years of experience. It is dependant on a number of factors. Wooden raw material alone is rarely repeatable as far as its physical and chemical properties are concerned, which means that each time adequate processing parameters must be matched. Atmospheric and climatic conditions (seasons of the year) are not without significance too.

Spring bed slat and layerglued production process can be divided into several stages:

Log steaming - makes wood more susceptible to peeling through its plasticizing. This stage allows to minimize tension inside the log, thanks to which we obtain smooth veneer with minor cracks and desired mechanical properties.

Rotary peeling of logs - it is close cutting of thin slice of veneer looking like a ribbon on the perimeter of log turning round. Our factory is equipped with CREMONA peeling line providing fully automated production process.

Drying veneer - its aim is decreasing moisture of peeled material down to 6-10%. For this purpose we use Schilde roller dryer.

Gluing and shaping of plywood - it is gluing of selected veneer sheets together in adequate quantity to obtain desired thickness. The prepared bundle is put in the press containing mould which in proper temperature and under pressure gives the bundle the designed shape.

Bed slat production - it is cutting curved plywood to size lengthwise to ring and bevelling edges of slats. Depending on customer requirements slats are finished or further processed (drilled).

Layerglued processing - we work on 5-axis CNC machines, which give the material the designed shape using different tools. This solution enables us to achieve repeatable and precisely processed elements.

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